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TERTA [1980] Tap34

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TAP 34 is a self design of Terta company from Hungary. Primarily it was designed as a terminal for big computer systems but it was also able to process data alone. The main integrated circuits were assembled in the USSR and in Hungary by Tungsram, but several parts were imported from other countries. 

The built-in monitor was a DME-28 monochrome CRT made by Orion. This company was famous for its televisions in Hungary and the other KGST countries. 

The floppy drive attached to the computer was regular 8 inch 77 track drive using IBM format. This drive, which could use single and double sided disks, was a hungarian product also, made by the MOM. 

The first design had some communications software in the EPROM, but at the end of the 80's the computer was redesigned. This second design had only 2 kBytes of EPROM, containing the bootloader software for the CP/M. The CPU card, the Ram card, the CRT card and the floppy controller card were all placed into a coloured plastic case. 

The system was designed around the classic 8080 circuits.
- Display controller: i8275
- Floppy controller: i8271
- DMA: i8257
- i8255 PIO, i8253 CTC, i8251 USART 

TAP-34 had the number EC-8534 in the EC-serries (united serries of computers) of East block and ex-USSR. Abbrevation "TAP" states for Teletype Abonents Point. There were three known modifications of EC-8534: original one, EC-8534.02, and EC-8534.3. The last one had optional capability to boot CP/M clone called VDOS. 

The standard software included some built-in teletype programs and BASIC (Terta-BASIC). There was also a so called DP (Developer Package) floppy bootable system for assembly development (included editor, assembler and debugger). 

Some constructive features of TAP-34 and the mentioned software suggest that there was some prototype CPU as well as original development software which were borrowed to design the TAP-34.


TYPE   Professional Computer
ORIGIN   Hungary
YEAR   1980
BUILT IN LANGUAGE   Bootloader for CP/M
KEYBOARD   Hall-sensor
CPU   K580 (Russian 8080 clone)
RAM   60 KB
VRAM   Unknown
ROM   2 kByte bootloader
TEXT MODES   80 x 25
COLORS   green / black (monochrome)
SOUND   Tick sound when a key pressed
SIZE / WEIGHT   Unknown
I/O PORTS   keyboard, floppy drives, reader, modem, printer
OS   CP/M on floppy disk
PERIPHERALS   Floppy drive (2 X 8
PRICE   300000 HUF

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