1. EPSON [1982] QX 10

    The QX-10 was a robust small business computer that used tried and tested technology rather than anything too innovative. Nevertheless, it was designed to be complete in itself for both hardware and software. It had an enhanced keyboard wit...
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  2. Rockwell [1976] AIM 65

    This strange computer was designed to be a development system for 6502 based computers. It had no display except for a small 20 character LED screen and a very small thermal printer located directly on the motherboard which could print ever...
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  3. APOLLO 7 [1984] SQUALE

          The Squale was a strange computer which was sold in very small quantities. The BASIC was supplied in a cartridge. Only 28 KB were free for the user (4 KB for the monitor, 28 KB for BASIC and FLEX and 32 KB for the video memory). One o...
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  4. Alpha Micro [1982] 1000 Series

          The Alpha Micro 1000 was a line of systems based on the 68000 microprocessor. According to customer requests, each system could be configured from a single user microcomputer with 128 KB of RAM, up to a 60-users system with 3 MB of RA...
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  5. QUAY CORPORATION [1980] 500 Series

    The QUAY 500 was a clone of the North Star Horizon offering some technical improvements compared to its competitor: a standalone single-board instead of a backplane and several S-100 boards, Direct Memory Access for better disk access perfo...
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  6. Motorola [1982] EXORSET 30

    The Exorset was designed by Motorola firstly to be a development kit for the MC6809 and Motorola systems. It has a built-in green 9'' monochrom screen and two 5''1/4 floppy-drives. It runs under XDOS (a compatible MDOS opera...
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  7. DEC [1982] VT-180

    In 1982, Digital introduced an option board which turned a VT-100 terminal into a personal computer using the CP/M operating system. It was called the Digital's Personal Computing Option. Customer could purchase just the option board or...
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  8. DEC [1992] 4000 AXP

    In the early 90s the DEC 4000 model 710 AXP was a member of the DEC 4000 AXP family aka "cobra" (including the model 610, 620, 710, 720) which was based on the Digital's Alpha AXP architecture and the IEEE's Futurebus+ profile B sta...
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  9. DEC [1965] PDP-8

    The PDP-8 was the first sucessful commercial minicomputer, produced by DEC in the 60s, the first real minicomputer, and the first computer costing less than $20,000. By late 1973 to 77, the PDP-8 family was the best selling computer in the ...
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  10. DEC [1978] VT 78

    The following information come from the excellent PDP-8 FAQ : The VT78 system, also called DECstation or DECstation 78, is based on the Intersil/Harris 6100 microprocessor and is packaged in a VT52 case. The 6100 processor was able to run a...
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  11. DEC [1984] RAINBOW 100

    The Rainbow 100 had a proprietary floppy drive format. Disks formatted for the Rainbow 100 could not be read or written to by other PC computers, even though materially they were the same type of 5'' disk. Chris Ryan reports: There ...
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  12. GoldStar [1984] FC-80 / FC-200

    Goldstar became LG (Lucky-Goldstar) in 1997. The FC-80 and FC-200 are the same computers. The FC-200 was the name used for the "export" model (outside Korea/Asia?). This typical MSX-1 computer was made in Korea. It has no special feature ap...
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  13. DEC [1982] DECMATE II

    The DECMATE II shared the same case, power supply unit and RX50 dual floppy drive as the Rainbow 100 and was sold as a desktop or tower stand system. Like DECMATE I andIII, it was a member of the PDP-8 family based on the Harris 12-bit 6120...
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  14. DEC [1979] 300 Professional series

          In conceiving the Professional 300 series, DEC designers decided that new machines must be able to perform several tasks at once, apply the same user interface, communicate efficiently and use the same software as Digital's popular mi...
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  15. No Image

    삼성 SPC-1000 에뮬레이터

    SPC-1000 emulator 1.0 2007년 2월 20일 본 버전은 source를 포함한 정식판으로, 동봉된 license.txt의 조건에 충족되는 한 재배포 및 수정이 가능합니다. 0.9버전에서의 변경 사항은 reset 시에도 남는 소리를 지우는 부분만이 추가되었습니다. 제작자 및 저...
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  16. SamSung [1982] SPC-1000 / 1000A / 1100

    The SPC-1000 is a Z80-based home computer from Samsung. This machine was developed in Korea, but built-in BASIC was written by Hudson soft in Japan. Because of its integrated tape recorder design, it looks like MZ 700 series. It has a butto...
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