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Sass List Functions

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Function Description & Example
append(listvalue, [separator]) Adds a single value to the end of the list. separator can be auto, comma, or space. auto is default.

append((a b c), d)
Result: a b c d
append((a b c), (d), comma)
Result: a, b, c, d
index(listvalue) Returns the index position for the value in list.

index(a b c, b)
Result: 2
index(a b c, f)
Result: null
is-bracketed(list) Checks whether the list has square brackets.

is-bracketed([a b c])
Result: true
is-bracketed(a b c)
Result: false
join(list1list2, [separator, bracketed]) Appends list2 to the end of list1separator can be auto, comma, or space. auto is default (will use the separator in the first list). bracketed can be auto, true, or false. auto is default.

join(a b c, d e f)
Result: a b c d e f
join((a b c), (d e f), comma)
Result: a, b, c, d, e, f
join(a b c, d e f, $bracketed: true)
Result: [a b c d e f]
length(list) Returns the length of the list.

length(a b c)
Result: 3
list-separator(list) Returns the list separator used, as a string. Can be either space or comma.

list-separator(a b c)
Result: "space"
list-separator(a, b, c)
Result: "comma"
nth(listn) Returns the nth element in the list.

nth(a b c, 3)
Result: c
set-nth(listnvalue) Sets the nth list element to the value specified.

set-nth(a b c, 2, x)
Result: a x c
zip(lists) Combines lists into a single multidimensional list.

zip(1px 2px 3px, solid dashed dotted, red green blue)
Result: 1px solid red, 2px dashed green, 3px dotted blue

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